Type: Residential​ // Villa
Area: 750 sqm
Location: Ankara // Turkey
Year: 2018



4 floored, 750 sqm villa is located on Prime One Angora site in Çayyolu, one of the elite districts of Ankara. Each space is completely delicately designed and meaningful in this large scaled project by aesthetics with the function and formed by elegant lines.

The house has been designed parallel with the perception of function and comfort by being constructed with modern lines. Desired living places take parts in with elegant and stylish details.Gray and brown tonnages dominated throughout the house, meaning of spaces emphasized with combination of these with different colors by No-88 interior design team.

Places that appeal to the general user; the kitchen, lounge, dining area, fireplace area are located on the ground floor of the house. The entrance floor, which is associated with the garden, makes the house feel the finest details.

The second floor consists of private living areas, dressing areas and private bathrooms. On the floor where the gallery space is used most clearly, daylight is completely taken up with the large windows that the house has in terms of architecture.

The penthouse has been designed as a more comfortable floor to be used by the user at winter & summer times. Guest living areas, a small kitchenette and a work place are located on this floor.

Designed spaces in the basement floor are designed for more pleasure and special interests. This floor has cinema room, cellar, auxiliary and technical areas. A large spa area with hammam, jacuzzi area and sauna is located on this floor.

The desired elegance is caught with using Italian furniture and first class fabrics. Floor stone selections consist of imported marble and parquet. The balance between material and color preferences and contrasts were captured throughout the home.