Type: Living Space // Villa
Area: 700 sqm
Location: Ankara // Turkey
Year: 2018

The villa is in Alacaatlı , where Ankara’s growing housing portfolio is located.

Function and aesthetics have literally gained meaning in every aspect of large-scale living space by the No-88 interior design team.

The entrance floor; a large-scale lounge, dining and kitchen area interconnected by a relaxing reading area. The parent living area is also on the entrance floor with a complete arrangement.

The upper floor is arranged for other family members and guests. The basement floor is planned for auxiliary spaces as large hobby room, sport areas, turkish bath and sauna .

The marble differences used as a border on the floor and the wall are also used with gold slats on the same floor to provide a spatial combination. The No-88 design team captures the design language on the floor in every user-focused manner.

With Italian furniture and first class fabric selections, the desired elegance has been achieved and the desired depth has been provided with the mirrors that are frequently used.

With soft colors, tonals and dosed gold combinations, No-88 design team has managed to create an elegant and stylish space.