Type: Workspace // Office
Area: 140 sqm
Location: Ankara // Turkey
Year: 2016

No-88 interior design Office is founded by Ekinsu – Mert Çifci in late 2016. Couple continues their work in their gross design-focused offices, where they integrate artwork into their workplaces. The office that they designed for themselves, within the 140 squaremeter area in one of the residance in Çukurambar.

No-88 team catches the relationship between aesthetic and functionality in their workspace, with materials that is used in simplest conditions, blending the same simplicity with plainness and with their stylish decisions. Human-focused, effective and subjective office design draws attention with combination of their personal pleasure with contemporary design trends.

There is an unexpected view of Ankara between the open roof resolutions and the transparent polished floor relation, which they prefer to use in their most natural way, in their offices. The gorgeous colors which are preferred on the wall and the ceiling are made of the wall, which is a large scale work done by them, and the color sensation on the floor is completely changed and the space-spirit relation is emphasized.